Sunday, November 14, 2010

raw food meetup potluck

What a great bunch of people to laze about on the lawn and eat with!
The meetup group is a great way to connect with local raw fooders and share some delights - it's ESPECIALLY good to eat raw food that someone else has made for a change. Oh yeah!
Here's just a few of the things others have brought along:

et voila! Mridula and her ginger pear cheezecake.                  Brenda's gooey nut butter cacao dollops.
Guy's carob cashew cookies (yes, raw)                         Sarah's goji cacao bars

Spanish Style Stuffed Stomatoes - a visiting Spaniard made these for me with mayo and tuna years ago,  so I had a crack at them with the a walnut/sunflower/dulse recipe for 'nottuna'
 Juanita's green rollups.                               Emma's lentil  and greens, Karina's curried crunchy kelp noodles.                                                    

Well that was last week,  THIS WEEK happened thanks to Kate Quinn and Omid Jaffari.  Omid is a Botanical Cuisine chef from Melbourne visiting WA so today the rules were a little different.  It's a stripped back, inspired version of raw food, minimising the use of seeds and nuts and using only sun drying instead of dehydration.  There was also a mystery box challenge.
Omid Jaffari presents...

Welcome to Perth Katya and Augustas - they arrived yesterday and found the Botanical Cuisine Potluck event already.

The spread at the Bot Pot.

The mystery box challenge       -         Sarah being hilarious with their mango hedgehog.

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